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4 Basic Steps To Overcome Your Fear Of The Camera

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Most people can be very camera shy and nervous. Although, being photographed has now become a standard part of our life especially with social media, some people might still have discomfort facing a camera. This can be with candid photos for social media or friends and family or professional ones at a wedding or graduation. Regardless, we have listed a few ways in which you can slowly overcome being camera shy.

Identifying the reason
It is important to understand why you do not like your photos to be taken. There can be a number of reasons for this, but knowing the reason will help you better deal with and overcome it. Some reasons could be because you do not like the way you look, or a certain feature or simply because taking a photo would mean putting yourself out there for the world to seeing causing a lot of stress and anxiety. It would help to go to a photo booth with a close friend or family or by yourself and get some photos quickly of yourself so that you come to terms with whatever you are dealing slowly.

Relaxation techniques
Most often relaxation techniques such as yoga or exercising will help you manage your stress better. Find the relaxation that is most fitting to you, it could be dancing, drawing and so on. These have been usually recommended for anyone who is camera shy before they take any photos. If you know the photographer or expert videographer in Singapore, it would be good to talk to them or get to know them better before taking photos so that you are more comfortable around them.

Positive self affirmations
It is important to always have a positive attitude at all times, this is single handedly the most helpful attitude that will build your self esteem so that you feel more confident. Looking at some photos, try to recall any happy memories when the photo was taken and reflect on happy you felt. Try to find at least one positive compliment for every picture that you find of yourself and this will eventually become how you think and change your mind set. However, do not look at a picture of yourself long enough for negative thoughts to come. Allowing no more than three seconds is enough.

Motivate yourself
Motivating yourself to give a reason to go in front of the camera on its own will be a big step to overcoming your fear. Remember to remind yourself that the purpose of photos are to capture memories and the wonderful people around you and important to you.

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